Famous 7 slot Jeep J8 grille

AADS services

we provide:

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

AADS provides an Integrated Logistics Support system that includes quality assurance and training on the maintenance and repair of all military vehicles in the AADS lineup. ILS is divided into five areas - Technical manuals, Training, Parts supply, Warranties, and Logistics.

Famous 7 slot Jeep J8 grille

Jeep J8 After sales support

Aftersales support

We are determined to offer the best aftersales experience in this sector, to go with the legendary Jeep performance and reliability. To that end, we will agree a complete aftersales programme with you which will be tailored to your requirements. This will normally encompass the following key elements:

  • Jeep J8 parts catalogue
  • Jeep J8 owner's handbook and maintenance schedule
  • Jeep J8 workshop manual
  • Chrysler Wi-Tech diagnostic tool
  • Parts supply and stocking recommendations
  • In-country technical and driver training

Driver training

We offer dedicated in country courses provided by certified instructors in the following subjects:

  • Driver training.
  • Technical and maintenance training.
  • Fleet and workshop training.
  • Vehicle sustainment.

Jeep J8 Fleet management

Fleet management

AADS can provide tailored fleet management services to help users manage and maximise their vehicle assets.

R&D accessories

As an international partner of Jeep, AADS supplies a wide range of specially designed accessories and variants to compliment the standard equipment of the Jeep J8. In order to meet the very highest standards, our R&D Centre uses the latest CAD design technology and testing protocols.

As the only company to provide full accessory development and production for the Jeep J8, AADS has the capacity to meet your supply needs.


At AADS, we ensure that your vehicles are delivered using shipping lines that not only offer a service that is fast and efficient, but also cost effective. From our extensive research and experience, we have identified the key market leaders within the freight industry and are confident we can provide a first class service to worldwide destinations. AADS can also full insure your vehicles during shipping using specialised insurers.